We are Oil Inspections (USA) Inc.

Oil Inspections was formed in 1981 to provide a variety of specialist loss-control and measurement services to the Petroleum companies, trading houses, terminal operators and ship owners. These services are operationally and commercially related. The company is flexible and highly receptive to our clients specific requirements. Losses in the petroleum and chemical industry can represent millions of dollars. Our objective is to prevent such losses by careful monitoring and measurement of product movements and transfers. We act as the eyes and ears of our clients on each assignment. Oil Inspections is a member of the Energy Institute (EI), regularly attends American Petroleum Institute (API) meetings and services rendered conform to standards set by these governing bodies. The company recognizes that the maintenance of quality standards in our work is the keystone to our success and reputation. The company is committed to a policy, which will confirm that the execution of our work achieves a standard, which complies with contractual and legislative requirements.


Our field staff bring a wealth of experience to each assignment. Their backgrounds as tanker masters, mates, terminal personnel, marine surveying and oil measurement specialists give them a unique breadth of knowledge and experience. Typically, they have worked as superintendents and/or mutual inspectors on a range of assignments around the world. Their ability to assess and monitor difficult situations and to provide loss-control services in the petroleum industry makes them a valuable asset to our clients. Being former surveyors our operations managers possess a sound knowledge of every facet of our operations, and know the importance of rapid response to client's requirements. Details of staff experience are available upon request.


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